RPA UiPath Free Practice Test – Quiz 4

RPA UiPath Free Practice Test - Quiz 4 2

Free UiPath RPA Course

RPA UiPath Free Practice Test - Quiz 4 3

RPA UiPath Free Practice Test – Quiz 4

  1. The RPA UiPath practice test aims to prepare you for the RPA UiPath certification exam.
  2. These UiPath assessment questions are free of cost and can be taken up by anyone any number of times.
  3. Take this UiPath online quiz today and answer as many RPA questions as you can.

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The quizzes consist of questions carefully designed to help you self-assess your comprehension of the information presented on the topics covered in the module.  Data will be collected on the website regarding your responses or how many times you take the quiz.

Each question in the quiz is of multiple-choice or “true or false” format. Read each question carefully, and click on the button next to your response that is based on the information covered on the topic in the module.



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Category: UiPath

1. Is using the ‘Publish’ button in Studio the only way to upload a package to Orchestrator?

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Category: UiPath

2. What happens if the status of a Transaction in progress is not updated within 24 hours?

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Category: UiPath

3. Which options can be used to stop a running process?

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Category: UiPath

4. Which of the following data types can NOT be stored as Assets?

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Category: UiPath

5. Which of the following is NOT Control Flow Activities?

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