6 Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in SEO World

(How to automate boring stuff of SEO using RPA Tools)

In this comprehensive Blog Post I’ll cover:

  • Which Areas of SEO Can be Automated using RPA Tools
  • 6 Use-cases of Robotic Process Automation in SEO World
  • What’s the benefit of Using RPA in SEO

So if you want to automate your daily tasks with ‘Zero Errors’ without your intervention, you’ll love this detailed post.

Let’s get started.

6 Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in SEO World 1

How about Software Robot Doing your SEO task on a Daily Basis?

As a blogger, you know that anything thing that automates your day to day task is good for your affiliate marketing growth or your Digital Agency business.

In SEO world there are many tasks we need to complete on a daily basis and which often takes your time.

Whether you are performing keyword research using different SEO tools or manually checking the latest draft post submitted by your author or performing backlink analysis. You spend a lot many hours on a daily basis…

Not only this data is what you play around often requires downloading the latest reports for Google search console the tool of your choice

With the constant pressure to rank your keywords higher we often dependent on multiple tools to different workflow and monitoring of progress…

Which is taking ample amount of your time on a daily basis …and some of them are repetitive in nature …

How about having a software robot? that would let you perform these task on a daily basis not only efficiently but also with ‘Zero Errors’ without your intervention.

So that you can focus on searching new affiliate program to earn more money or exploring the possibility ranking for a highly valuable keyword in your niche.

You read it right!

Software robots are Digital Workers (Kind of helping hands) …these are not physical robot instead these are a small block of codes & recorded steps which you perform on a daily basis.

If we talk about the official definition of RPA – It’s all about automation takes over mundane, repetitive tasks to free the human workforce to focus on other higher-level activities.

I was recently going through blogs and one common thing I have noticed is most of Digital Agency /Bloggers are using average 7-10 tools on a daily basis for their day to day activity.  

So, there is a huge scope of RPA Automation in the field of SEO & Digital Marketing.

Use Case #1

Content Editing & Translation 

Content is King…Isn’t? Higher the quality of content on your blog, Higher you rank to make more sales of your digital product or earning referral form your affiliate. All of we will agree that we do check the quality of content before we publish.

That usually takes following steps…

  1. Content Value & Originality of Content-
  2. Tone & Sentiments
  3. Spelling, punctuation and grammar Formatting
  4. Keywords Density
  5. Links & References
  6. Translation

If I say these all steps can be automated using the RPA tools then there are no exaggerations in this as this is purely a rule based and there are already many cognitive providers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon provides API which can be used to parse your content and provide details summary.

Their built-in natural language processing capability & translation will also help you to translate your piece of article in different languages.

So… Software Robots can streamline contents received via the email, checking various factors of quality contents, perform NLP & Translation Operations if required and email back to the author with the suggestion to be incorporate in the article for quality improvement.

Not only this you can further enhance your ‘Digital Worker to publish your post’ automatically if every rule configured by you has passed by content.

Who will befit? Simply put, everybody who are involved, Free time for you to perform more productive works. Authors will get response pretty quickly rather than waiting for you to provide feedback.

Time to publish your article will be minimized with less mistakes and toughly checked articles.

Use Case #2

Generating Keywords

Keywords…keywords and keywords your life evolve around the keywords and as you understand the importance of high volume, long tail, low competition, easy to rank and many other variants of keyword you look after on daily basis to edit/optimize and perform various task to gain maximum profit from your blogs.

Keyword research is all about your protentional visitors and using your knowledge to optimize your content.

The most common way to find keywords are keyword research tools like Google Search Console, Answer ThePublic, KWFinder, KeywordTool, Long Tail Pro, to name a few…

Even easier is to use the search engine own suggestion and related terms…

Most of Bloggers perform three steps either by using any tools or manually visiting various portals. They are –

  1. Finding the keywords using various tools
  2. Analyzing the keywords
  3. Plan for content

Automating keyword research is the must to do items as this takes significant amount of time during the process of your keyword discovery.

Steps to fetch google console data, Google trends, scarping popular website to get idea about the what people are looking for, Grabbing the content of top 10 SERP result to analyses the focus keywords or any additional task can be automated using the RPA Tools.

Various popular tools provide their API to perform your tools task in the background mode and by leveraging those RPA Tools will be able to help you deliver well researched topics, keywords plan and chances of your ranking higher in the market directly delivered to your mail box.

Not only this your bot will work during odd hours as well to save your significant amount of time.

Not to name any one here but many popular tools uses the RPA tools to scrape and collect data from various sources to build their data set by looking at what people are talking about.

Use Case #3

Backlink Building 

Backlinks are important for SEO because Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

You can read more details of link building at Backlinko The Definitive Guide (2020)

You see, backlinks are important because they’re used as Google’s reputation tool

With more no of bloggers and completion in market the “vote of confidence” from one site to another is required if you wish to rank higher in search query.

Thanks to algorithm updates as focus has been shifted from link quality rather than the link quantity. But still this this area takes huge effort in terms of finding High Quality Links or reaching out to bloggers by sending them (Personalized) email.

All of these tasks can be automated using the leading RPA tools, you can create your personal bot who will help you to find the email address of the blogs for which you want to get the backlinks and then send automatic personalized email for link request.

RPA can be also used to perform comment posting (I am not sure if this link building method still works…) where you can use cognitive API provided by vendors to summaries your text in few lines and post automatically. This will help you to increase the chances of your comments getting approved.

What next?

In my experience, you’ll get about 40% of your total responses from your first email, and 30% from your follow-ups. The remaining 30% will come from your second round of outreach. These steps can be also automated using the Free RPA tools (Instead of Using the Expensive Email Automation Tools)

Use Case #4

Backlink Monitoring 

Search engine view links as indicator of your website authority. So, its very important to analyze your backlink profile on regular basis.

There is a lot of information on this subject including the steps you should follow to improve your backlinks. All of bloggers will agree that even though they use Ahref or CognitiveSEO tool but still it take their hundred of hours to perform following tasks –

  1. Monitor inbound links from other websites
  2. Improving your existing backlink profile
  3. Remove Toxic links
  4. Review Spam Score
  5. Review other information such as PA, DA, Anchor Text etc.
  6. Backlink reports

With the help of Backlink Analysis Workflow, you ask your BOT to perform the same task you day on daily basis. RPA tools are capable of integration with other tools using REST API so you can easily get data from various tools into single workflow to perform the analysis.

Reporting is one-part however RPA is also able to perform task based on inputs set by you so it can remove the Toxic links and provide you status on the fly.

What more? RPA can send you the nudges incase there is significant drop in links or improvement over previous day.

Use Case #5

Monitoring Rankings

Bloggers often use keyword position tracking tools to check website’s ranking for target keywords on daily basis. Followed by the tracking the competitors.

Keeping eye on the competition helps you to find new opportunities and niches which were previously occupied by your competitors.

Similar to other task this is also most time-consuming activity where you need to spend hundred of hours on –

  1. Top 100 Keywords ranking updates
  2. Desktop & Mobile ranking review (As we heading towards mobile first search result)
  3. Local search results
  4. Weekly reports of ranking
  5. On-page and search snippet analysis of all ranking URLs (Schema & Other stuff)
  6. Reports specific to search engines

RPA tools can help you here Display and analyze what’s is relevant to you instead of spending hours to tons of data. Most important you can combine data from various sources (Such as SEMRUSH, Google Console) to your application to track any keyword or domain.

Tools are also capable of running the reports in un-attended mode 24*7  so you can perform your analysis while you are away from desk and result will be ready to take meaning ful action based on recommendation by your Rob(Digital Worker)

Use Case #6

Blog Update & Social Media Posting

Social Signals are important for your blogpost and so is the regular posting on various Social media channels. With increasing no of Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+(Google Plus), Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn, ok.ru, LiveJournal, DreamWidth, Flipboard, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Diigo, Instapaper, Pinterest, Plurk, VK.com (VKontakte), YouTube, Scoop.It, WordPress, XING etc. its cumbersome and require times and effort.


There are already few tools & plugins in the market which provides a way through which you will be able to publish entire post or it’s nicely formatted announcement with backlink on your configured channels.

The problems with these tools are not all the networks are supported by these and more over they ask for recurring monthly/yearly subscription to use the tools which are out of budget for budding and new bloggers.

With RPA tools you will be able to configure as many as network you wish to post on along with un-attended scheduled so that BOT will keep doing this without your manual intervention.


Other Important aspect of Blogging is your old post brings more traffic to your website and hence bloggers keep updating their publishing time (Its True) to send ping to search engine about the freshness of content. Or just sending notification using push messages to bring traffic.

Consider a scenario where you are running multiple blogs and on daily basis you update 5 blog post just by modifying the updated date. You are spending 100+ hours yearly on same task which can be automated using RPA tools in few minutes.

Let me tell you that RPA tools are not the replacement of SEO tools instead they are efficient way to use various tools to reduce the cost of operation for your digital agency and focus more on valuable tasks

As the benefits of robotic process automation can be measured in:

  • Cost reduction: manual and repetitive tasks can be done by the tools for a fraction of the current cost.
  • Higher quality of service: fewer errors and this leads to better service to your clients
  • Higher speed: Many of the processes can be completed more quickly over night.
  • Greater agility: the ability to adapt to new or changing process.
  • Employee’s best experience: will stop doing manual & repetitive and of little value to be able to devote themselves to tasks of greater added value.

How many hours a day, week or month could your digital agency save using a digital workforce is entirely depends on you but for sure its going to give you some benefit. 

Let me know how you are automating your daily tasks using the RPA tools for SEO work.

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