20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021

Garima Mishra
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In recent years, Robotic Process Automation has caught the attention of many industries. Due to benefits, companies around the world are adopting it for boosting productivity along with decreasing the burden on employees. This technology uses software bots to facilitate repetitive tasks in an organization.

The vendors of RPA tools are designing unique solutions for the businesses, which help them in accomplishing goals in the shortest possible time. RPA tools enhance the efficiency of an organization too. It is expected that in the upcoming years, the value of RPA will reach surprising heights.

Let us know now which 20 vendors can help your business to handle monotonous tasks without human intervention.  

How to Get RPA Certified

Please note below list are not in any particular order.

#1 Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a US-based RPA vendor that delivers unique and robust solutions to businesses so that they can get the tasks done by the digital workforce. It is offering bots on demand, and more than 500 bots are fully ready for download.

The vendor claims that it has an intuitive, scalable, and securely designed bots. Dell, McAfee, Tata Sky, and plenty of companies have already tried the RPA tools of; Automation Anywhere.

You can rely on this vendor for creating RPA solutions in your business or automating business processes with end-to-end RPA+ AI platform.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 3

#2 UiPath

The biggest astronomical company NASA has preferred the RPA tools designed by UiPath. UiPath has become a global leader now in providing RPA solutions to the endless number of industries. It has clients all over the globe. 

More than 750000 people are currently the user of RPA tools of UiPath. Build your employees’ confidence and experience, cut costs on repetitive tasks, and do much more to improve compliance and do much more with the UiPath RPA solutions.

 It is one of the most trusted RPA tools vendors. The UiPath mainly works on the six principles, including discover, build, Manage, Run, Engage, and Measure.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 4

#3 Blue Prism

Blue Prism has emerged as a global leader in providing training on RPA and building RPA solutions for any of the world’s top companies. It has delivered its RPA solutions to over 1800 companies. It is currently one of the top RPA vendors across the globe. It is highly popular among companies like Google, Microsoft, Accenture, and many more. 

All the tasks running in your workplace can be handled easily with the extremely efficient digital workforce featured with AI and machine learning capabilities. 

The RPA solutions are available here for the Manufacturing, public sector, finance, and almost every kind of enterprise.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 5

#4 Another Monday

The RPA tools created by Another Monday can successfully manage to do all the repetitive and monotonous tasks that are performed by employees. It removes the burden from them and allows them to focus on some other productive task.it is serving end-to-end automation. 

It started providing RPA solutions four years ago, but now, it has made a good reputation by offering unmatched RPA tools and solutions for every industry. For assisting the companies, it has kept the prices reasonable so that the companies can maintain their operational costs.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 6

#5 Ant.works

Your business truly deserves the best technological solutions, and it can be fulfilled with the use of AI and machine learning. The RPA solutions and tools built by the Ant.works is the combination of AI and machine learning. It also has the support of fractal science, so choosing Ant.works will be the right decision. 

It has everything that a company desire in an RPA tool vendor. From the hyper-productive workforce to reliable and secure software bots, tasks can be performed effortlessly.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 7


If you aren’t able to decide yet, Argos-labs are another option that you can go for. It delivers solutions that are simple to use, bots designed for multiple operating systems, compatible with plenty of devices, and so on. The RPA tools are future-based, and the best part is that you will get all these at an economical price. 

It will be suitable for the small businesses too so anyone seeking top-quality RPA tools then Argos-labs is an excellent option. The software bots are available for customization with Python SDKs.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 8

#7 Automai

The Automai RPA is applicable in customer service, human resources, financial service, healthcare, accounting, supply chain management, and many other industries. This vendor is serving clients since 2000 in the automation sector. Today, it has numerous solutions for RPA to meet the requirements of your enterprise. 

There is no need for learning any programming skills to use the software bots created by Automai. 

This RPA platform is supplying the RPA solution by combining the Ai, Machine learning, OCR, Robotic Automation, and a lot more.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 9

#8 Intellibot

Intellibot is an amazing and robust RPA vendor. It has eased the deployment of RPA from the beginning to the end of a business process. It values security, reliability, and scalability and cloud storage feature. 

Its tools can be integrated with web services and other enterprise software. Almost everything is covered under this platform, such as loops, conditions, environment variables, string operations, and many more. 

This platform contains cognitive services like sentiment analysis, OCR, etc. At the Intellibot Marketplace, every kind of connectors and components are available which are designed by the community members.


20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 10

#9 Jacada

Jacada is a reliable RPA tools vendor, and its award-winning solutions are entirely built to satisfy your customers and bring robots and humans closer to each other. 

The RPA tools of the Jacada platform will offer you improvement in first call resolution, decrease in contact center call volume, and average handle timing. 

There are a lot of industries that have saved millions by the adoption of our RPA solutions. 

Jacada delivers end-to-end customer service for the accomplishment of goals.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 11

#10 Kofax Kapow

Organizations lacking the employees who are experienced in programming and coding can take advantage of Kofax Kapow. No background of coding is needed, and still, you can use the Kofax Kapow RPA solutions. 

All its solutions can be integrated with the existing IT infrastructures. It is supplying the company with efficient, safe, and fast RPA technology. 

The Kofax RPA tools are capable of being easily deployed in just a few days or weeks.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 12

#11 Kryon

Kryon automation suite is AI-based and the only integrated solution that provides process discovery, analytics, direct deployment to RPA. 

The RPA implementations have a speed of 5 times faster when compared to others. 

The five significant benefits of the Kryon RPA solutions consist of cost reduction, boosting productivity and efficiency, improvement of customer experience, ramping up of employee satisfaction, and marinating proper compliance and accuracy with the robust RPA solutions.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 13

#12 NICE

NICE has helped several companies in leveraging the power of RPA tools and bots. Full customer experience is the essence of this RPA platform. 

Over 85 of fortune 100 companies have accessed and used the RPA tools of NICE. 

It is gradually surpassing other vendors and blossoming as a reliable RPA vendor. It has been fancied as a leader in WEM magic by Gartner and Anti Financial Crime Petrol Market Leader by Ovum.

NEVA is the world’s first digital assistant designed with the employee in mind. NEVA’s intelligent, AI-driven interface responds to voice or text communication from employees, offering real-time process guidance and next best action advice as well as executing multiple and varied tasks on their behalf. A natural integrator, NEVA interacts with any desktop application and can trigger unattended process automation.


#13 Open RPA

As the name suggests, this is another open-source RPA tool vendor. It contains a drag and drops a simple to use interface. It operates on the Windows Workflow Foundation, and the designing of the whole platform is dependent on microservice architecture.


#14 Jiffy.ai

Even the most complicated business process can be simplified when you make the right choice of vendor. If employees prepare invoices in your company, then you don’t have to depend on them anymore. Jiffy has built an invoice processing hyper application for fixing the loopholes in processing invoices. 

This is the only application-based RPA platform. Apart from that, it has created endless RPA solutions for automating monotonous tasks in a business process. 

It is changing the finance and accounting process and helping the telecom sector in dealing at the time of crisis. Intelligent document processing, ML, and app-based automation are what makes this platform unique.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 14

#15 Robocorp

Understanding the need for and demand for automation and the digital workforce, Robocorp is building RPA tools for developers. With its tools, you can play, experiment, learn, and share your learning with others. 

The platform is open source and license-free, so anyone can learn and work on their own RPA project. Bring out the RPA developer in you and helps your organization in gaining rapid success and growth.

Open source, license-free robotic process automation. Delivered from the cloud.

Leveraging Robot Framework, Python, VSCode, and Jupyter ecosystems. Code is best when shared together.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 15

#16 Softmotive

Microsoft has acquired Softmotive, and its primary goal is to develop RPA solutions based on a customer-centric approach. Because it values customers first, it has earned trust from many. Moreover, this is one of the most popular RPA platforms among several industries. 

It guides the set up to the use of RPA software and how to make the best use it in your business. Decide what kind of support you required and then select the RPA solution offered by Softmotive. 

The automation options that you have are- web desktop automation and desktop tasks or enterprise.

Softomotive has been acquired by Microsoft and will become part of Microsoft Power Automate.


20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 16

#17 Syntbots

Industries are struggling nowadays due to the cutthroat competition from emerging start-ups. This fierce competition gave rise to Syntbots. It provides RPA tools, especially for the IT sectors and many other enterprises. 

Syntbots solutions are featured with Plug and play architecture, metric and reporting dashboard, workflows based on rules, vision engine, machine learning module, and so on. Take the full advantage of the RPA by choosing Syntbots and advantage productivity in your organization. Your company will be able to develop products faster by automating production.


20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 17

#18 Workfusion

Bots that make everything more comfortable to do and understand your business processes quite well are necessary when you are choosing an RPA platform. Although there are a lot of vendors, Work fusion entirely focuses on transforming business processes. 

The pre-built automation bots are best to be used for banking- finance and insurance industry. 

The Work Fusion also provides customized RPA solutions. It also gives you the power to find what kind of business process is ready to be automated in your company.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 18

#19 Power Automate

Power Automate is under Microsoft that ensures a smooth flow of all the daily repetitive tasks to be done in a few minutes with RPA tools. This way, your employees can concentrate on those tasks that are important. Make the business processes quick and straightforward to perform with RPA. 

It is an essential need for modern organizations. Automation is playing a significant role, and Microsoft is trying its best to assist other companies in getting proper RPA tools and solutions. You can use Power Automate software bots on all the Microsoft platforms.  

Microsoft acquires Softomotive to further expand the robotic process automation capability of Power Automate.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 19

#20 Pega

PEGA is a (BPM) Business Process Management tool. It is designed and developed in Java and practices on OOPS and java concepts.

The primary advantage of PEGA technology is to lessen the cost and is used in developing business purpose.

Pega enables the organizations to deploy the changes eight times quicker than Java-based applications.

Pega Robot Manager™ is the central application used to manage all robots in your bot-force.

The most significant benefit of Pega is that there is no need to build the system from scrape like any conventional programming which is also extensible and flexible

It is used as a progress process tool within which you’ll develop the applications and deploy them as net services or simply computer network.

20 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools in 2021 20


RPA is all about automating tasks and get things done quickly without the need of any human. By utilizing RPA tools offered by the vendors listed above, it will be an excellent asset for any company. All modern organizations understand the power of RPA, so it would be a great decision to implement this technology in your company but choose the right vendor that fits your requirements. It’s worth remembering that RPA can impact ROI too, so it’s significant for you.