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Laiye UiBot RPA

Summary (TL; DR):

  1. Laiye ranks as having the highest number of RPA patent applications in the world.
  2. Laiye’s current global footprint spans across Asia, the US and Europe with international partners including Microsoft, Deloitte, KPMG and Digital China.
  3. Laiye’s services stretch to many corners of the world. Its clients include AstraZeneca, Nike, Walmart, and Porsche, to name a few. And in late 2020, Laiye gained backing from Microsoft, with a business partnership to follow.
  4. Laiye’s annual RPA software subscription revenue soared with an impressive 900% year-over-year growth. With three different pricing options, it’s well suited for individuals looking for automation.
  5. LAIYE RPA Platform consists of UiBot Creator, Worker, Commander along with UiBot Mage to support OOB AI ML capabilities.
  6. UiBot supports modules written in Python, Java, C#, and C/C++ to extend the capability of Creator and with growing RPA development open community it will become more efficient.
  7. It comes with over 400 pre-set commands which can be used for all types of projects, including those with a series of complicated processes.
  8. UiBot Creator provides code view along with visual view which can be leveraged for creating complicated automation with ease.
  9. UiBot Store is another good feature and supports offline mode with the option to get pre-built bots customised as per your requirements.
  10. UiBot growth is impressive but it making support for a different language, which they might overcome in the next few years.

What’s is the LAIYE RPA Platform?

Founded in 2015, Laiye RPA Platform helps businesses achieve more, reach their full potential, and transform into smarter, more effective, efficient, productive enterprises.

With multiple AI-powered intelligent end-to-end solutions, Laiye delivers the deepest, most advanced AI/RPA/NLP solutions to help businesses become more efficient, effective, agile, and successful. And it frees people to focus on meaningful, innovative, mission-critical initiatives.

Recently It has raised $50 million in series C+ funding in a round jointly led by Ping An Global Voyager Fund and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Equity Investment Fund with participation from Lightspeed China Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital China and Wu Capital.

Guanchun Wang, the Chairman and CEO of Laiye says that “the synergy between Laiye’s existing AI capabilities, including our chatbot platform product Wulai, and UiBot will allow customers to build bots with both brains and hands so as to significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce labour costs.

Its core technologies include robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, natural language processing (NLP), conversational intelligence, text recognition, and image recognition.

[Source – Official Website]


LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 1

LAIYE RPA Creator –

  • Also Known as UiBot Creator, provides various features to build your process workflow in visual or code view.
  • Also provides recording, Data Scrapping, UiBot Browser and UiAnalyser to help and interact with target application.
  • Very similar to UiPath activities it has Command center where you can install and add modules required for your automation.
  • UiBot supports modules written in Python, Java, C#, and C/C++ to extend the capability of Creator and with growing RPA development open community it will become more efficient.
  • Similar to other RPA tools it has set of extensions for Chrome, Java and other bridge applications.

LAIYE RPA Worker –

  • Three different type of Laiye RPA Worker licenses: Attended (machine license), Attended (user license), and Unattended.
  • Supports scheduling tasks. single run, by date, by week, and by month
  • Allows users to view its operation logs

LAIYE RPA Commander –

  • Role and group management and many other admin stuff
  • Similar to UiPath Orchestrator it helps to manage resources, ( .bot) process package, data management, Scheduling tasks, Operation monitoring etc.
  • Data management function provide different “parameters” for the process. Each user chooses different parameters when running, so that different users can run the same process without modifying the code.
  • Each execution result (video, log, message, etc.) can also be viewed using Commander.


  • UB Mage provides a wealth of AI capabilities for image understanding, text understanding, and voice understanding, and empowers robot production and execution processes.
  • Mage provides multiple native AI capabilities in one platform and all the AI capabilities are seamlessly integrated with RPA robots.
  • Provide supports for Out-of-the-box AI models and Custom Models

LAIYE Chatbot –

  • Allows any developers to build, train and deploy chat bot through drag and drop visual interface.
  • Support No-Code development
  • Multilingual and various pre-trained models to help you get started quickly
  • Support personalized conversation


  • Allows the processing of unstructured documents such as contracts, emails, annual reports, and shipping orders with help of Blends OCR, NLP, CV and other AI/ML Technologies
  • Provides user interface for Human in loop to validate Low confident results
  • Image pre-processing, Index and classification
  • Includes labeling, training, testing, and deploying models.

Pricing Model

  • Individual users
    • Suitable for all those interested in RPA development for non-commercial
    • Features associated with UiBot Commander, such as credentials, queues, upload files, and so on, are not available.
    • UiBot Mage is available online
  • Internet customers
    • With some additional features with limited applicable budgets
    • Access to UiBot Store gives way to use pre-build bot by other developers
  • Enterprise users
    • Full Supported product
    • Much pre-built Industry pain points as a solution to start your journey quickly as possible
    • End-to-end intelligent automation using UB Mage

Some Unique Features in LAIYE Platform

  • Support C, Lua, Python, .Net extension plug-ins and third-party SDK access
  • Support Win, Linux, OSX and other multiple systems
  • Provide pre-trained models, no AI experience required, ready to use out of the box
  • Exhaustive ready to use solutions and task available at UB Store to help you get started easily.
  • Customisation on pre-build Bots

UB Store

UB Store_RPA robot trading platform _UiBot RPA Robot Mall

  • UB Store is a one-stop automated office software robot SaaS trading platform, for major small and medium-sized enterprises tailor-made affordable high-quality RPA-AI solutions
  • You can request for the Robot customization process, and Developers will help to deliver custom code
LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 2

LAIYE review: Pros and Cons


  • 400 pre-set commands which can be used for all types of projects
  • Choice of different language to build your module
  • Different language SDK (Python, Nodejs,open API, go lang)
  • a highly flexible and customizable product 
  • Excellent AI capabilities, high scalability 
  • Cost-benefit over other vendors

Cons –

  • UiBot Forum & other academy courses are mostly in Simplified Chinese Language and “en” language website has less information that available on
  • OCR could be improved to recognize traditional Chinese.
  • There could be greater support for more languages
  • business process mining is not significant
  • Laiye RPA does not integrate Git, SVN and other third-party source code version control software, but provides Laiye RPA native version control: “timeline”.

How to Create a Community Account?

  • You can create a Community account through multiple ways, either register at the website first and then download the product.
  • Or You can download the UiBot Creator and during the first launch it will ask for your email address and password for account creation
  • Once email verified you should be able to use UiBot Creator without any limitation
  • However, the UiBot Community edition doesn’t support worker and commander.
LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 3

Laiye RPA Community Edition, which you can download for free below:

  1. For 32 Bit:
  2. For 64 Bit:

How to build your first Bot in LAIYE?

  • Install UiBot Creator – After the download is complete, double-click the downloaded installation package and click the Start Installation button to install UiBot Creator.
  • Once you are done with the installation and logged in using your credentials, You will see a screen like below. Click on “New” to get started.
LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 4

Pop-up Messages will be displayed asking are going to create a process or Library?

LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 5

A process block can have many commands, or just have one command. When all business processes are put in one process block, if the business process is not complicated, it works out. However, when the business process is more complicated, there can be many disadvantages: large chunks of code, unclear logic, inconvenient debugging, and difficulties in judging emerging problems.

LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 6
Home Screen looks pretty simple yet powerful, it has only 5 shapes to start with however you can create as complex a flow as you wish. (Block is the main part which contains a series of commands and everything inside.)
LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 7

You should be able to drag and drop the commands into visual mode. the best part is it generate the code view so that if you are a developer and don’t like low-code you can code as per your design.

LAIYE –UiBot Emerging RPA Platform | Definite Guide 2021 8
The code view is impressive and gives it an extra edge over other vendors.

Laiye RPA Debugging Method supports Single Step Debugging, Breaking Points.

Note – Laiye RPA does not integrate Git, SVN and other third-party source code version control software, but provides Laiye RPA native version control: “timeline”. The timeline refers to the version of the code at different points in time.

Join Laiye As An RPA Freelance Developer

Interested? Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Email globalteam@laiye.comwith your resume and wait for a response. If you do not hear from us within 7 working days, feel free to re-send the email.

2. Achieve level one Laiye RPA certification by studying level one training material and undertaking the online examination.

3. Achieve the highest level of Laiye RPA certification by engaging with the provided materials and practising with the enterprise-grade version of Laiye RPA.

4. Become Laiye RPA certified and accept paid projects which suit your schedule and skill set.

Frequently Asked Question on Laiye RPA

  • What is Laiye RPA Engineer Certification?

Laiye RPA Engineer Certification is created by Laiye to officially recognize a developer’s theoretical and practical mastery of Laiye RPA.To get certified, developers must pass the online examination.

You can register here – Laiye RPA Examination and Certification (

  • What is the procedure of Laiye RPA  Examination and Certification ?

Theoretical Section (100 points, 60 minutes): the exam tests your theoretical understanding of the design and implementation details of Laiye RPA through a series of single-choice and multiple-choice questions.

You must score over 60 points in total to pass. 

Important links

  2. UiBot Developer’s Guide ( )

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