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RPA (Robotics Automation Process) is becoming essential expertise in today’s digital world. Somewhere, our future is going to depend a lot on them. Managers want the tasks to get them done with efficiency and effectiveness that can be better achieved with automation.

RPA is applied in many industries today as they make zero mistakes while performing a task.

Let’s see what UiPath certification offers to the learners. This certification helps you a lot in gaining an in-depth knowledge of Robotic Process Automation and levelling up your career.

UiPath has already helped more than 35000 persons in becoming an RPA developer.

UiPath is running an online RPA courses program along with many other courses.

Why should you get UiPath RPA certification?

The business climate keeps changing over time. It adopts new technologies and brings the easiest ways of accomplishing a task within a limited time frame. Candidates possessing higher expertise in RPA widen your career opportunity. Owning this skill provides flexibility and freedom. You can also work from home as an RPA developer. Besides, learning about all the RPA tools on your own be quite complicated. RPA certification by UiPath puts you at a decent situation in your career, along with teaching all the RPA tools.

Be the part of UiPath professional RPA developers and learn from the experts. This further gives you access to future opportunities. Indubitably saying, UiPath is leading the automation industry. In the next five years, it can emerge out as the most used automating RPA in organizations. 

Introduction to UiPath certification

UiPath is a software company that serves people globally. It is renowned for the development of the RPA platform. Apart from that, it trains people to help them in getting the job of an RPA developer. It can make you a certified RPA expert by learning all the fundamental concepts of RPA.

The certification program created by the UiPath is for learning to create RPA bots and implement RPA. The course contains various topics related to automation and robotic. The fundamental focus is on RPA only. The business world is evolving at a fast pace under the continually changing environment. This is when UiPath comes to assist them in a variety of tasks.

With more than 750,000 users of its windows RPA tool, it is a highly trustworthy company to learn from. Automating tasks allocate more time to your employees so that they can carry out their works without interruption.It is offering two courses regarding

  • UiRPA (UiPath Certified RPA Associate) 
  • UiARD (UiPath Certified Advanced RPA)

Both these courses at UiPath Acedmay have sub courses, including General track and RPA developer track.

UiPath Certified RPA Associate

UiPath is allowing thousands of RPA enthusiasts to come and learn the art of building software robots for the companies. The course covers the basic concepts of RPA development and in-depth knowledge related to it. It prepares you for the certified UiPath RPA Associate exam.

The minimum qualification to be part of the UiPath RPA Associate exam requires no beforehand experience in automation. The product included in the exam includes- UiPath Studio version 19.4, UiPath Robots version 19.4, and UiPath Orchestrator version 19.4.

The course teaches you the art of problem-solving. Additionally, it also helps in learning and identifying the problems. This improves your identification skills

  • Find out your potential of building automation solutions following some simple techniques
  • This course is a perfect fit for newbie RPA developers, Business Analysts College graduates.
  • Kickstart your journey of becoming Advanced RPA Developers and RPA Architect by giving the exam after finishing this course

UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer 

This certification program gives you the chance to try your hands on UiPath products such as Studio, Robots, and Orchestrator. Along with that, you can work independently on creating automation at the production level. This certification program assists in formulating the complex RPA solutions under the Robotics enterprise framework. Even someone having sound knowledge of RPA can do this course.

  • This advanced course is designed specially to gain a thorough understanding of RPA skills that contains the Robotic Enterprise Framework.
  • It is necessary for the candidates too who have 6+ months of experience in the development of RPA solutions
  • This course is to gain senior roles in RPA development like Advanced RPA Developers, Architects of RPA and Solution

Who can get certification?

Anyone can do this UiPath certification program. People having some experience in the automation, programming, engineering, or IT field can also take it. If you want to boost your potential and get a well-paid RPA developer job, then you are deserving candidates for UiARD and UIRPA certification. Come and learn the technique of RPA development and help in the growth of organizations.

Benefits of UiPath Certification

RPA is an innovative technology, and it is significant for an organization. Integrating with AI ease the method of task accomplishment. As organizations around the world training their employees to work efficiently, a better way is to adopt a smarter way. Software robots developed using RPA tools is the right option. It is reliable, cost-saving, and customer-friendly too.

RPA professionals add value to an organization. It saves operational costs and maintains an efficient, productive culture. RPA learners get endless benefits by doing both courses in the general as well as RPA developer track. After that, you can enrol to give an examination of UiARD or UiRPA. The examination goes on for 90 minutes and 120 minutes, depending on your selected course.

Some benefits that RPA Professionals can provide to the organization:

  • Human fills the gap between the system and large processed, but with RPA, this gap vanishes. All the tasks can be automated.
  • Times and resources, humans are experts at consuming it; they lead to the wastage of resources. Moreover, some can take extra time to complete a task. RPA decreases the cost and ensures judicious use of resources.
  • It’s a myth that programming is vital to start working on RPA. This is not true because the proper configuration of a software robot is done by a person having no idea of programming. Anyone with some knowledge of RPA can set up software robots.
  • Auditing done by an employee may contain mistakes, but a software robot avoids committing mistakes. It does what you want. It does all the compliance functions.
  • All the faults are recorded, and the bugs are visible whenever you want.
  • The software robots never get tired. This is the most significant advantage over them.

Price of the certification Exam

The price of the UiPath Associate certification exam is US$ 150/ 90 Minutes, and for the Advanced certification exam, learners have to pay US$ 200/120 Minutes.

People who have done the courses recently or who are doing now, their certification is valid up to 30 April 2021. It’s crucial to get a new certificate for attaining the knowledge of the latest Robotics Enterprise Framework. Use the Academic Alliance Discount offer or pre-paid exam vouchers to decrease the examination cost.

Stay competitive in the market and keep your demands high by enrolling in the UiPath RPA certification. If you are unable to learn RPA and its tools on your own, then it’s better to take the course.

This only not only teaches you theoretical skills. It delivers practical knowledge too. The courses taught by the UiPath Academy are basically for the RPA Job Seekers. You can take your time to decide which one to pursue. All the certifications are available at competitive prices.

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