Top UiPath Reusable Components for Next RPA Project

Top UiPath Reusable Components for Next RPA Project

UiPath is transforming the future growth of companies by providing the right solutions and software for Robotic Process Automation. It is bringing automation to almost every industry. It offers easy-to-adopt RPA solutions for automating various tasks. At this platform, one can also get training for becoming an RPA professional. There is more for you after exploring the UiPath Marketplace.

It can help in speeding up the RPA development process.

Let us discover what marketplace has to offer you and what UiPath Reusable Components you should consider before starting a new project.

Quick Note on UiPath Marketplace

  • It contains a library of more than 1000+ reusable RPA components.
  • it helps to maximize your team’s efficiency and let them achieve their best potential by adopting the UiPath RPA components.
  • These will save you time and cost as you are using re-usable components designed by Industry leaders
  • All components are available at the marketplace are designed by either UiPath or Uipath Partners for enterprise use such as in health care, manufacturing, finance, and so on.

Go to the UiPath Marketplace and download workflow template, snippet, custom activity, and much more.

Let’s first see what are different types of Components are available on Market Place?

Different types of UiPath Reusable Components


Applications or UiPath products can interact with each other with the help of connectors. These connectors can be application connectors or data connectors. It also enables you to connect the UiPath product to external data sources for analytics and reporting.

Custom Activity

Custom Activity can be installed, dragged, and dropped into your workflows when you are working on UiPath Studio. They capture those areas that are not controlled by the default activities. Besides, it also handles the task done by the activity packs present in the UiPath Studio.

So for example, if there is NO default activity to connect with the Application, You can create new and also share with marketplaces so that it helps other community members.

Developer Tool

Developer tools are the solutions formed for developers so that they can make, perform tests, and debug software. These types of components help you to build your automation faster.


End-to-end process automation is possible with UiPath software that emphasizes on solving domain and problems related to the industry. These shared solutions will contain UiPath process flow definitions with working code.

Workflow Template

Workflow Template consists of frameworks that assist in working on new projects very smoothly. The structure is already established, and it will lead to the boosting of productivity. It doesn’t matter what project you are working on; the workflow template will ease some practices.

Important Integration Bundle Provided by Technology leaders

UiPath Marketplace hosts integration packs for almost all popular applications. SO if you are looking to work with Office Products, SAP, Salesforce, or any well-known application.

It’s most unlikely that integration packs and not available, This saves hours of development and improves your ROI of the RPA Program.

Let’s start with Microsoft Integration Bundle- 

Microsoft Integration Bundle for UiPath

  • Enhance your team productivity by providing one of the best integration bundles for Microsoft 365. This package is supported on the UiPath Studio feed. It provides plenty of capabilities to the online version of Office 365.
  • The users can enjoy using bots for adding and copying sheets, appending the range, writing cell, creating a workbook, reading range, writing range in Excel. Not only these, but it can also assist in copying items, uploading files, exporting PDF, download files, and many other things. Similarly, it eases working on outlook mail, groups, and planners, and so on.
  • You can also use Active Directory activities to perform Domain services objects management or Azure Active Directory IAM operations
  • Microsoft Computer Vision and others AI /ML Relates services are also part of the Bundle and you can start using them in few clicks.

Link for Microsoft Bundle – Check here

Google Integration Bundle for UiPath

After Microsoft, the second most crucial integration Bundle is provided by Google. Using the integration bundles offered for the Google products, you can leverage the power of google products.

The integration bundle is available for the Google GSuite, Google Vision, Google Cloud Platform, Maps, Firebase connector, and Voice-enabled RPA.

For the GSuite, enterprise support is available too.

Around 2400 people have downloaded this custom activity.

It makes interaction easier with Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, etc. Also, the other custom activity added in the bundle provides excellent assistance for you.

Most of the activity set is now on the official feed within UiPath Studio and is fully supported for Enterprise users.

SAP Integration Bundle for UiPath

  • Automating the SAP system is effortless with this integration bundle.
  • Automates GUI-based registration processes and screen navigations.
  • For example, the command line login for the SAP solution contains reusable workflows. You can also automate SAP master data, extract SAP tables with BAPI, and do much more by downloading the SAP integration bundle.


When the UiPath robots are integrated with the IBM Automation workflow, then the plethora of things becomes more comfortable to do. Many activities can be automated.

One can bring the interaction with the use of a few activities, including claiming and completion of the task, starting the process, deleting process instance, getting processes instance, etc. Utilizing them will benefit your team, and this will bring out the productivity from them.

The brilliance of IBM Watson can be included to give your robots a more human side.

Under this integration bundle, the available package components are compatible with UiPath 2018.3+

Most Popular Custom Activity You must Consider for next Project

#1. File Watcher

File Watcher Activity is a custom activity that checks the directory for some specific events. It will monitor the creation, deletion, existing, updating, and renaming of the event.

It waits for one of the particular file events to happen. After this, it will give back the event type in response. Once the event is triggered, then the activity will put effort to wait for the changes to make them stable. Also, this activity will be performed once only. The watcher will complete checking the event unless and until the first event doesn’t occur after matching the criteria.

This is compatible with the UiPath Studio 2018.2.3 +.

Another important fact which you should know is that this one needs no external library to function. 

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this Custom Activity can be found here

#2.System Health Check

If you want to get the details of a Standalone Machine or remote server, System Health Check is considered the best option till now.

    • It’s great to know that all the versions of the component.
    • The details that it can provide include CPU usage, RAM usage, disk space, network drive connectivity, ping functionality, and deleting log files. Depending on the machine’s condition,
    • It will make the process to continue. Nothing feels so amazing to have such an enjoyable component that tells about the performance details of the machine which hosts the robot.

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here

#3. Excel Extension Activities

This is one of must to have activities for any RPA Solution. On top of default activity, this library lets you do easy integration with Microsoft Excel.

It will help in mimicking some human actions like GoToCell, FindAll, GoRight, and many others.

Excel Extension Activities works satisfactorily with the large excel files, but it doesn’t keep any data in the memory. Suppose you want to add a style to your datasheet then this one is an ideal component to choose.

Under this package, the available activities are Excel Extension Scope, Activate Sheet, Merge, read a cell, AutoFill, AutoFit, ChangeFormat, ClearContent, CloseSession, Rename Sheet, WriteCell, SetZoom, GoTo, GetSheets, SetWidthAndHeight, and other activities.

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here

#4.Bit Bucket Activities

Bit Bucket Activities is designed by Adam Wozniak who works at Datacom as an RPA developer. This contains a group of activities that are specially made for managing bitbucket repositories.

    • This is the package whose API scope serves as an authentication mechanism for allowing activities mentioned in it and letting it interact with Bitbucket.
    • The activities can do plenty of things for the repository management such as commit, delete or create a repository and getting details related to it. Therefore, the main functions of the Bitbucket Activities are- Bitbucket API scope, Get Workspaces, Get Repositories, Commit File, and Manage Repository.
    • The compatibility is available for v2019.10.4 and later.

Thanks to this as it offers a simple-to-use interface so it won’t take you much time to get familiar with its features. 

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here


Slack is a messaging service that has more than 10 million users working in 500,000 organizations. The integration lead at UiPath has designed this component for Slack users.

Collaboration between the team members has transformed. Everything happens at a much faster rate. Get your work done and feel stress-free by using this component for Slack.

This package is delivering an endless amount of activities for channels, messages, authentication, search, and updating system. We can join, create, remove, invite, leave, or remove a channel depending on your choice.

The component has compatibility for UiPath Studio 2018.3+.

You don’t have to give the answers to the same questions or completing the same requests anymore because bots can do this for you. 

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here

#6.Active Directory Custom Activity 

    • Active Directory Custom Activity package is a custom activity that lets you integrate UiPath with Active Directory Connector.
    • This features the active directory scope, add a user to a group, change the user password, and remove a user from a group, etc.
    • All the complex business processes can be automated with this custom activity package. Even you can automate IT-focused tasks. It is a useful component for the organization all over the world.

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here


SharePoint is a custom activity package component for managing list items, library files and folders, users, groups, and permissions.

The latest and the updated version of this component make it special. WebLogin Authentication Mode allows the authentication of robots even when the instance is utilizing third-party identity providers or only when there is a possibility of multi-factor authentication.

It occurs when requesting the user to give their credential during the execution of the workflow.

    • Provides an integration between UiPath and SharePoint that permits the usage of the key functionalities of SharePoint that are most likely to be used in automation.
    • Allow document and folder management for Libraries. Allow CRUD functionalities on SharePoint Lists. Allow the creation/deletion of groups and the administration of the permissions assigned to them and of the users inside.

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here

#8.SalesForce Activity

Imagine what a component can do if it provides 125 custom activities and 5 wizards. If you are still wondering about the potential of this activity, then it’s worth knowing that SalesForce Activity can implement the Salesforce Lightning Platform in a fast way.

With the 10k+ downloads, no one can doubt this activity. It can be used for automating operations like ADD, DELETE, UPDATE, and GET Salesforce entities.

The automation process will happen at a reasonable speed in the background, and the automation will be safe too. Any SalesForce system with a version higher than V.42 can be said compatible with this component.

To see how you can use this package, visit the collection of step-by-step tutorial videos on YouTube.

#9. Read Extra Large Excel

It helps in processing files in the background that are very large in terms of file size. This activity pack is designed for reading and process huge files. Unfortunately, this activity doesn’t track the formats that are used for showing values in the excel files. The drawback is that it has no support for .xls or .cls file.

    • The great part is that it supports all the versions of UiPath studio. Moreover, the .xls files can be processed too, but only after converting it to xlsx. The test has been performed to the file sizes of bigger than 200MB.
    • The only technical approach that this component follows is the processing of the file in the background by utilizing the Open XML SDK Library.

#10.MS Teams

Microsoft is already famous for its massive range of products. Right now, Microsoft Teams is getting recognized by companies because it offers a seamless video chat experience, file storage, application integration, and many more. It has a daily active user of 13 million. UiPath bots can use MS Team directly with activities.

The package can contain the given activities teams, channels, chats, messages, calendars, users, authentication, and so on. Create a team and channel, get chats, messages, and many more.

If you want to know the user presence, then this is also possible with MS Teams. Download this and get ready for excelling at your teamwork. 

NOTE: Installation Guidelines for this custom Activity can be found here

RPA continues to outperform expectations on non-financial benefits such as accuracy, timeliness, flexibility and improved compliance, with at least 85% of respondents reporting that RPA met or exceeded
their expectations in these areas.

New components and activities created by various RPA platforms are making things simpler for organizations.

Watch out this growing marketplace before your next automation, You might find a new component which serves your use case.

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