Solving RPA Challenge is one of the best ways to prepare for RPA interviews.

With motto to help you to prepare for interview. We have build this RPA Challenge series for RPA developers to practice by trying to build automation according to provided specifications. 

We have also provided links for solved example so that you can learn while you practice.

Give a try & do let us know in case any issues.

RPA challenges can be solved in any RPA tools of your choice. 

Problem Statement: Download Image File & Read Image Text Using OCR

The goal of this RPA Challenge is to help you to learn File Save Operation Activity and Use of OCR Tools (Included Or External  OCR tools using the API).

Your workflow should contain the following steps.

  • Login into the website ( (Credentials are shown at Login Page)- You can also register for your account in case you wish.
  • Your Bot need to navigate to the File System -> Multiple File Upload List
  • Your Bot need to Extract/Download Image from given Data Tables (List of Images)
  • Your bot should use save-as activity to rename downloaded image file as give Image ID + Current System Date and save in the Output folder.
  • Your workflow should contain OCR operation to read text from downloaded Image file.
  • You are allowed to use any OCR Tool of your choice [Such as Google Cloud OCR, Microsoft Cloud OCR, Tesseract OCR] 
  • You need to write details of extracted text information along with image details in the excel sheet (see attached template at the bottom)

Good Luck & Happy Automation!

Hint: Solve the challenge using below concepts !


  • Not all OCR works in the same way and you should try your exercise using different options and settings 
  • You Should also try Vision API (provided by Google & Microsoft to understand their working)

Note– For Downloading the Image you have different ways of doing. (See Image Below)

  • You can use right-click and save the Image file as Save-as Dialogue Box
  • You can use the Path/Info form the Table to create runtime Url of the Image to open up in new tab and then save as.
Extract Text from Image

Image Download

You need to Download Image to get a text from the image file.

OCR Tools

Use OCR Tool of Your Choice to read the Image file and Extract Text


Make sure to use File Save as option and File rename with a timestamp.


Excel to report result with text extracted from the downloaded Image.

Invoke Code

You can use APIs provided by different OCR tools to extract the text from Image.

Reference Examples

Solved Example and Test Data