Solved RPA Challenge Using Uipath | Interview Guide

Solved RPA Challenge Using Uipath | Interview Guide 2

In the last few months, we have seen during the interview of RPA tools recruiters including me have started sending RPA challenge to interviewers especially if you are looking for job change as the RPA-developer role(junior role).

So, In this tutorial, I am not going to give you any unique solution but from the recruiter’s points of view what we are looking for when we are saying you to solve the “RPA Challange”

There are many known RPA challenge available online and you will find the solved workflows available on the portals and on Youtube channels but what you won’t get are best practices and industry guidelines followed in the workflow shared as the solution.

I can give you many examples where even RPA experience guys (2 to 3 Years hands-on ) also do the same mistake which is done by freshers or college graduate.  Well… I am not here to list out the mistakes done by them (I have given feedback directly. Oh …Yes I give feedback to every uipath workflow I received )

Well, What is the ask?

  • Keep it Clean
  • Think about reusability concept/Smaller components workflow
  • Useful comments with details what workflow is doing etc.
  • No Hardcoded Values & Naming Conventions
  • Meaningful names of Workflow
  • Initialisation & Clean-up Activity
  • Proper logging (No Write lines or Msg Box Please !)
  • Use of Re-Framework (If not Workflow should contain, Retry mechanism & Error Handling )
  • Input & output validation
  • Proper Error Message & Throw
  • And at last the logic?

Let’s take the example of  (here)

The goal of this online RPA challenge website is to create a workflow that will input data from a spreadsheet into the form fields on the web page screen. And of course, it sounds really easy, however, the tricky part here is that the form fields will change its position in every submission round, not to mention that those fields’ identifier is dynamic too.

That online RPA challenge it’s not a newly created challenge. You can check out existing attempts to solve the challenges from others using various RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or other RPA tools how they have implemented the solution but Don’t’ Copy Paste.

We often see candidate submits the workflow which is as it is available on the internet and some time even not without changing the folder name.

Here are some links of solved solution (We don’t certify their accuracy …So you decide which one is good..); We have listed here for your reference purpose.


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