RPA Challenge #1 : Invoice Creation & Follow-up Email

Solving RPA Challenge is one of the best ways to prepare for RPA interviews.

With motto to help you to prepare for interview. We have build this RPA Challenge series for RPA developers to practice by trying to build automation according to provided specifications. 

We have also provided links for solved example so that you can learn while you practice.

Give a try & do let us know in case any issues.

RPA challenges can be solved in any RPA tools of your choice. 


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Problem Statement : Invoice Creation & Follow-up Email

The goal of this RPA Challenge is to create invoices based on data available in CSV File & Send Email along with Invoice to account teams for quick reconciliation.

Your workflow should contain the following steps.

  •  Login into the website (http://challenge.rpabotsworld.com/) (Credentials are shown at Login Page)- You can also register for your account in case you wish.
  • Navigate to Invoicing System -> Add New Invoice
  • Create an Invoice based on data supplied in excel. (See Attached Data at bottom of this page)
  • Attached Excel Contains Product Description, Price, Quantity and Status. Your workflow should Calculate Tax (18% GST), Billing Date Should be System Date and Due Date should be T + 45 Days
  • Once Invoices are Created, You need to download the invoices and Zip all of them into the folder and send it to configured email.
  • Your email must contain the source data and updated with generated Invoice no, Total Amount with status in case success or failure.
  • You are allowed to use the tool of your choice, But make sure to follow the best practices and guideline to make your robot robust and stable.

Good Luck & Happy Automation!

Hint: Solve the challenge using below concepts !

PDF Download

You need to Download PDF to get data from invoices.


Use Datatables Or Collection to perform data handling.


Make Sure to use Concept of Queues for job management.


Excel to report result back with success or Failure Status.

Invoke Code

You can use code activity for data filtration & lookup.

Solved Example and Test Data

1. UiPath Solved Example Using Re-Framework (By Nived N ) – Link of Solution of Challenge – [See here]